Food Planet - Gola - Masti Bhari Chuski

Since years people of all ages are mesmerized with the cute looking, colourful ice golas.

Food Planet has over a dozen flavor of this irresistible Indian ice candy ranging from the all time favourite kala khatta to butterscotch.

Most importantly Food Planet’s ice golas are prepared using packaged drinking water in the high standards of hygienic condition.

It would not be exaggerated statement that Golas or chuski tempts people of all age groups. This desi version of ice candy- Masti Bhari Chuski has been favorite since ages. But most of Gola lovers have become reluctant to have it because of unhygienic ambience and usage of unsafe water used by roadside vendors to prepare it.

At Food planet we give highest priority to our customer’s health; we take utmost care to ensure that all our products are healthy and safe. Only package drinking water and natural permitted flavours is used by us to prepare Ice Gola, so that our valuable customers can enjoy masti bhari chuski without any worries or hesitation regarding health. All of our stalls are cleansed regularly and staff is also well trained to maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety.

At Food Planet we serve different types of Golas for you in different ways as per your choice i.e. The Ice Candy Gola served in glass with a flavor of your choice, a slush which is crushed ice and flavored juice, sherbet & ice candy. We serve the most famous flavors such as Kalakhatta, Orange, Pineapple, Kachi Kairy, Lemon, Rose, etc.

As we love to bring new and tasty varieties for our customers we have also added some exotic flavors’ like flavors such as chocolate, Leechee, Butter scotch, Blue berry and many more.

For exceptionally tasty and extremely healthy natural flavored Ice gola, hit at food planet outlet and we will create memories which you will love to cherish!