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“Snacking the way it should be. Good and Good for you”

Salt & Spices is enhanced with tasty food such as different types of Chaat, Frank Rolls, Pizza, Fried Food, South Indian Dishes, Sandwiches, Pav Bhaji, Dabeli, Juices and Ice Creams which makes good-for-you foods – Salty & Spicy - better than ever. Made from fresh and quality ingredients, every bite is bursting with mouth-watering flavor that every snacker craves.

“Health is Wealth” as it is said, eating well is essential to one’s health. Eating good food also involves all our senses. Thus food at Salt & Spices takes you on a sensory journey thereby pleasing your senses, and helping you to attain Nirvana i.e. peace and happiness of mind and body. Our aim here is that you achieve Nirvana with every bite of food served by us.

At our snacks shop, one can gorge on a variety of lip-smacking, tasty and enticing food flavors and divulge into the delicious world of a delightful and scrumptious food festival. It covers almost the entire range of delectable feasts that include nationwide popular and famous tasty treats namely pav bhaji, south Indian dishes, chaats, dabeli, and many more. Also, one can get the taste of the international food varieties and specialities such as pizzas, fried foods, frank rolls, sandwiches, etc.

All the food specialities available under our Salt & Spices brand are prepared by renowned and experienced chefs and by strictly following all the food standards. These delicious food treats are for sure going to take you to an altogether different world of global food specialities along with taking complete care of your health and nutrient well being.

Make your food outing a truly memorable and pleasurable one with the delicious and luscious food specialities with our soothing, spicy, salty and tasty food varieties only at food planet’s outlet. YUMMY .............. is the word that will be on your lips once you take the first bite of the Salt & Spices food specialities.

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